Financial Statement/Report Compilation

ATS accountants will prepare financial statements and/or management reports to provide specific and relevant feedback to business owners and other stakeholders to support the decision-making process.


Financial Statement Reviews, Agreed-Upon Procedures, and Audits

A Financial statement review is more comprehensive than a compilation. The ATS CPA obtains a working knowledge of your company and acquires information on operations for the industry and performs analytical procedures. Based on this assessment, the ATS CPA may issue a report that provides limited assurance that the financial statements are free of material misstatements, but because the statements are not audited, no opinion is expressed.

ATS CPAs will also perform independent audits, agreed-upon procedures, or will act as a liaison between you and your auditor as you undergo financial statements, internal control, and/or other compliance audits. ATS will develop tailored audit readiness plans to address areas of significant risk or weakness. In addition, ATS will assist in providing auditor requests and the development of any required corrective action plans.