Accounting & Tax

Personal and Business Tax Planning & Analysis

Before you dive into any financial or entrepreneurial endeavor, consider a personal or business tax analysis. ATS Accountants take special care in conducting tax analyses and developing a plan for limiting tax liability and protecting your personal and business interests.


Personal, Estate & Business Tax Preparation & Filings

ATS prepares and files the necessary tax returns for individuals and all business entities including partnerships, S-Corps, C-Corps, Benefit Corps, non-profit organizations, estates, and campaigns.   ATS also supports clients who with developing


Tax Issue and Liability Consulting

ATS offers consulting and support in dealing with complex matters with both the IRS and the Indiana Department of Revenue. We review and analyze tax matters and represent our clients before the IRS and with the Indiana Department of Revenue. In addition, we work with clients to establish payment plans and/or submit offers to the IRS when unable to pay existing liabilities.



ATS offers convenient bookkeeping options to suit your organizational needs. ATS will assess the existing company infrastructure and will develop your accounting system. In addition, we will partner with you to assess whether ATS bookkeepers provide services remotely or on-site. ATS will utilize accounting software to store information specific to your company. ATS accountants are proficient in QuickBooks, Quicken, and a host of other accounting software platforms.

Once the accounting system is established, ATS will provide periodic reports and analyses to assist management or organization leadership in making decisions.


Campaign Finance

Under ATS’ Government and Legislative Affairs division, the staff accountants provide accounting services for candidates vying for local and state elected offices.


  • Individual/Estate Tax Returns

  • Personal Financial Statements