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Business Consulting Services

Non-Profit Organization Formation & Tax Exempt Application

ATS will file the necessary documents with state and federal entities to obtain tax-exempt status for your Non-Profit Organization. ATS will also assist with the drafting of bylaws and attend monthly, quarterly, or annual board meetings to ensure the board members are operating under the terms of the bylaws. ATS will file the annual 990 (tax returns for Non-Profit Organizations).


Business Entity Formation

Determining whether you choose to organize your business as a sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, partnership, Benefit Corp, or non-profit organization, is a critical decision that has several liabilities and tax implications. ATS will assess your current position, goals, and expectations and make recommendations on which entity structure will be most beneficial. ATS will also formally establish your organization at both the federal and state levels.


Policy and System Development and Implementation 

ATS will develop policy and implementation guidance for new accounting or regulatory requirements.

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